Thirsties Baby Website Review & Ratings + Thirsties Baby Coupons
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Thirsties Baby Website Review & Ratings + Thirsties Baby Coupons

Thirsties Baby: Products & Services

Thirsties Baby is a manufacturer of eco-friendly cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories. Their extensive range of cloth diapers are available in different types and designs. Among the types of cloth diapers that you can get from Thirsties Baby are:

In addition, they also carry diaper covers, duo hemp prefolds, and cloth diaper inserts. Thirsties Baby also offers several cloth diaper accessories to go along with their cloth diapers. The company uses fabrics and design diapers that dry quickly and remain soft, even when hung to dry. Their fabrics and components are all sourced locally.

Thirsties Baby: Company Background

Thirsties Baby started operating in 2004 and was founded by its owner Erin Kimmet. The company started with a mission of making cloth diapers easy to choose and affordable, and at the same time giving consumers the chance to invest in local economy and sustainable business practices. Thirsties Baby prides itself for their best USA-sourced components that are chosen in manufacturing their cloth diapers as well as their high quality and exceptional design. Their aim is to reduce carboon footprint, support domestic textile mills and local economy. The company is based in Loveland, Colorado.

Thirsties Baby: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Few customer reviews of Thirsties Baby can be found online, however several customers left their feedback on the company's Facebook page. The following are snippets of comments from their customers:

"I love that these are so easy to use and so soft. Makes it easy to share cloth diapering with friends as well!" - Kimbra Christie Masters

"Thirsties's products are absolutely AWESOME! No other brand compares! Cute, simple to use/wash and easy to keep clean between changes as well as affordable! I would recommend that anyone and everyone interested in CD give these a try!" -  Kristi Hargrave

"Thirsties are the best! Thank-you for providing excellent customer service and making awesome products that make cloth diapering so easy and affordable!" - Miranda Lowe Haselman

"LOVE Thirsties. Made in the USA, quality product, affordable, great resale value, EXCELLENT customer service. Highly recommend." - AlyssaBeth Woeckener Larson

Thirsties Baby: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Thirsties Baby has been a BBB accredited business since 2011. Their BBB page shows an A+ rating, and among the factors that helped to raise their rating is the fact that there are no complaints filed with the BBB regarding this company. 

Thirsties Baby is also a Green America Approved company and has received the Green America Business Seal of Approval. This seal is given to businesses that go beyond product and service quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice, as well as working towards solving environmental and social problems. 

In addition to that, the company has also received other awards including:

  • 2012 National Parenting Publications Award for their Duo All in One Cloth Diaper (Silver)
  • Mom Approved Child Tested (MACT) Excellence Award for their Duo Cloth Diaper
Thirsties Baby: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Based on the information provided by, Thirsties Baby's website has a three-month global traffic rank of 129,513 and US traffic rank of 23,759. The website has a good online reputation with over 400 sites linking in. Thirsties Baby website appeals more to women and almost all of their visitors are from the US. Based on the top search queries for this site, a lot of visitors already knew about the company when searching for them online, since over 25% of their search traffic queries is the term "thirsties". Other top search queries include "thirsties duo wrap" and "thirsties diapers". recorded a total of 1,061 unique visitors to the website in November 2012, ranking them at #901,425. The website's Google PageRank is 4/10.

Thirsties Baby: Social Media Presence

In line with their good reputation in the cloth diapering industry, Thirsties Baby has established a strong social media presence as well. Their Facebook page has received over 21,000 likes to date and the page is frequently updated with information about their products, giveaways, special promotions as well as tips and advice on cloth diapering. 

Thirsties Baby can also be found on Twitter, where they have over 600 tweets and more than 7,700 followers so far. Like their Facebook page, the Twitter page is also regularly updated with tweets on product giveaways. 

In addition, Thirsties Baby is also active on Google Plus (over 1,200 have them in circles) as well as Pinterest. They also operate a blog which can be accessed from their webpage.

Thirsties Baby: Website Security & Safety

Thirsties Baby currently does not sell their products directly through their website and therefore no online payment or transaction is involved. 

Thirsties Baby does not display any website security seals on their website. However, based on the information provided on their Privacy Policy page, the company states their commitment in protecting the security of customers' personal information and maintain commercially reasonable safeguards to maintain the security and privacy of personal information. Information that reaches them is stored on servers protected by procedures and technology designed to block unauthorized access from third parties. 

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page does not list the website as suspicious. No malicious content or software was hosted on the website over the past 90 days. 

Thirsties Baby: Pricing & Packages

The following are the prices of the cloth diapers that you can find at Thirsties Baby:

  • Duo Wrap: $12.75 for solids and $13.75 for prints
  • Duo Diaper: $18.50 for solids and $19.50 for prints
  • Duo Fab Fitted: $17.00
  • Diaper Cover: $11.50 for solids and $12.00 for prints
  • Duo Hemp Prefold: $8.00
  • Duo Insert: $7.00

The prices of their cloth diapers are generally cheaper than many other brands of cloth diapers, especially for the printed ones. 

Thirsties Baby: Shipping Rates & Policies

Thirsties Baby sells their cloth diapers through retailers (online and offline) throughout US, Canada and internationally. Customers who would like to purchase Thirsties Baby cloth diapers can enter their zip code and see the list of retailers that they can buy from, as listed on Thirsties Baby's website. Since they do not sell the cloth diapers directly through their website, there is no shipping involved. Shipping rates and policies are according to the policies determined by each retailer. 

Thirsties Baby: Payment Methods Accepted

As mentioned previously, Thirsties Baby does not sell products directly through their website but instead customers can purchase the cloth diapers and other products from their retailers. Therefore, no online transactions are conducted on the Thirsties Baby website. Payment methods that are accepted depend on the methods offered by each retailer. 

Thirsties Baby: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Return/refund policies are according to the policies of each retailer that sells Thirsties Baby cloth diapers. Since the cloth diapers are not sold through their website and therefore no shipping is involved, there is no information on return, refund or exchange policies that are provided on the Thirsties Baby website.

Thirsties Baby: Product images & screenshots
Thirsties Baby Coupons
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